Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Call Of Nine Athame Spell

The Goddess Artimis
An Athame

I can't remember where I got this spell, but I think it is called "the call of nine" and it is used to call upon the power of goddess of moon, Artimis into the athame. It is said that this spell is used by witches before casting very strong spells.

First, the athame is raised upward and the below words are spoken aloud:

"Gracious goddess holy and divine, answer the call of nine:

  1. I stand before thy throne.
  2. I invoke thee alone.
  3. I hold aloft my blade.
  4. Descend as the spell is made.
  5. Lend thy power to give it life.
  6. Thy power into my knife.
  7. On Earth, in sky, and shinning sea, gracious goddess be with me.
  8. Come now and the call is made.
  9. Give thy power into my blade.

It is said that the power of mood goddess can bind spirits into stones, rings or amulets. Her energy can also be used with healing and other magic work.

I post this ritual for the benefit of our SEA friends as Wicca is still very new to this part of the world. So, bear with me if I have made a mistake and I am no expert in Western Magic rituals. Peace.