Saturday, September 8, 2012

Garlic Uses in SEA Magic

Garlic has been long described as a vampire repellent in the Western Dracula lore. Besides garlic’s uses in culinary as sesoning, it is also used in traditional medicine to cure headache, cold, cough, wind problems etc.


Garlic or locally called by the name “bawang putih” is also believed to possess some magical properties:


·         To ward off vampire/jenglot

·         To prevent people from swindling

·         To defend from black magic attack

·         To add vitality to your life


The method is simple: wrap the garlic with a piece of white cloth and hang the bundle in the four corners of your house.


I am not sure if the use of garlic to ward off vampire in SEA has anything to do with the Dracula lore, if you have any information; kindly let me know.

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