Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Messages From A Perenjak

A Perenjak (Bar-Winged Prinia) is a native wabler to Sumatera, Java and Bali.
The direction from where a Perenjak comes to your house carries certain meaning:
1.      West
·         There will be misunderstandings inside your house.
2.      North
·         There will be visitors; a person likes to give advices.
3.      East
·         There will be disease.
4.      South
·         There will be visitations from relatives.
5.      On your roof top
·         There will be fire hazards.
The thrashing around of a Perenjak also carries some meaning as well:
1.      South of your house
·         There will be misunderstandings.
2.      East of your house
·         A wise man will come.
3.      West of your house
·         You will get promotion
4.      North of your house
·         There will be death
5.      Northeast of your house
·         There will be a visitor who will bring up an issue to you.

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