Thursday, September 20, 2012

As Charming As A Fox

Fox worship is nothing new in Chinese culture. In fact the great Taoist Master Chang (張天師) has the service of fox immortals in Dragon-Tiger Mountain (龍虎山) in Jiang Xi (江西), China.


The worship of fox spirits or immortal was popularized by a now stopped production Hong Kong talk show Guai Tan (怪談). Story has it that many Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese film stars worship foxes to increase their charms. In fact, if we are to trace; the worship of foxes originated from Northern China and foxes are not worshipped alone. In the original setting, foxes are worshipped together with snakes and weasels.


Legend has it that foxes can become immortals and take the form of human. When they can transform into human, they can marry a human being and produces offspring known as the “fox race”. These type of people can be easily identified by their long slanting eyes; i.e. the ends of their eyes slanting upwards. You will notice it when you come across one. May be you already came across one without paying too much attention about. Beside the eyes, these “fox race” will have extraordinary sixth senses.


Okay. Now I got your interests. How to get started in worshipping a fox spirit? There are many ways:


Method 1

·         Go to the Dragon-Tiger Mountain and ask for some incense ash to be brought home for worship.

·         You can get the picture of fox immortals there.

·         Once you have set up your altar, offer only agar wood incense, some ladies make-up, flowers, water, raw egg etc.

·         If the fox immortal answers your call, then you will find that many people approach you and attracted by you as if charmed by a fox.

·         The feature of your eyes will change as described earlier.


Method 2

·         Get yourself a young female fox cub.

·         Feed it with a cup of white rice wine with cinnabar.

·         Slaughter it and get only its heart.

·         Wrap the fox heart with 5 grams of cinnabar using a piece of yellow cloth.

·         Tug the package into a small earth urn and seal it with 7 layers of thin white paper.

·         Worship the sealed urn under your altar with below mantra 49x:

o   “Charming fox spirit, I conjure you; seal within this urn is your active soul. I ask you to protect my altar, come now as you are asked. Transform into a shape after 100 days; transform into a fox spirit after 1000 days. Accumulating chi, break the seal and transform you into a fox lady. Come now, as my will, so mote it be!”

·         If you practice this ritual for 3 years consecutively, then you will see your sexy fox lady appearing in front of you. She can help you to accomplish many things. Whatever you do, do not sleep with her or you will be sucked dry.


  1. I've watched the movie Painted Skin 2 The Resurection it's a really good hong kong movie (The best i've watched so far for romance category), It's about a girl who has horrible scar on her face and then she made a deal with the Fox demon/spirit, they changed skin with each others or maybe changed soul. I was looking for this kind of knowledge, do you know any? Do you think this is possible (maybe with the method above)? :P

    1. Yes. In fact many Taiwanese and Hong Kong movie stars increase their charm by worshipping the foxes. It is easy to identify people who worship a fox as the end of his or her eyes tends to slant upwards.

      I am not sure if the above method can change the skin or soul of a person, but it definately can change the appearance of the person who practises it. U can try it by searching "fox immortal" in intranet, print out the picture of the fox spirit and meditate on her. Best to burn some aloewood incense. Tell me what you think about foxes after two weeks time ;-)

    2. Agarwood and aloewood is of the same kind, but agar and aloe are two different things altogether.