Monday, September 3, 2012

A Shrine In A Car

Garland of flowers hung on rear view mirror

Sacred yant drawn behind the driver's seat

Attaching amulets in front of car cockpit is a very interesting phenomenon. In Malaysia, I can't remember since when I first started to see one in my friend's car, then in another friend's car and another ... Until finally I went to Bangkok and saw the same scene inside a Thai taxi.

You will normally find the below items inside a Thai car, hmm... of course at this present moment, not limited to Thai cars alone, perhaps also in some of the Malaysian or Singaporean cars as well :)))

  1. Yants
    • Normally behind the driver's seat as shown in the second photo. These yants are normally drawn and blessed by senior monks. I was told that you can find this yant drawn on all sorts of vehicles: cars, boats, aeroplanes even up to the military vehicles.
  2. Amulets
    • All sorts of Thai amulets when put inside a car can ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.
  3. Picture of Thai King
    • The Thai show their utmost respect to the Thai king, and believe that their king will protect them from all harms.
  4. Flower garlands
    • As shown in the first photo, garlands of flowers are hung in car to pay respect to the holy yants, amulets and the King.
So folks, don't be surprise if next time you drop down to Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand and find a small shrine in your bus, van or taxi. Do ask the drivers of their experiences with their shrines.

Oh yes, just a side note; the above practices are only observed by Thai Buddhist alone. The Christian and Muslim do not follow such a custom. I am sure you will notice the differences.

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