Saturday, September 15, 2012

Divination With Beras Bertih (Pop Rice)

Bertih or normally known as “pop rice” is one of the offering to spirits, especially the Datuk Kong of the Northern Peninsula Malaysia. Bertih can also be used to perform divination for detection of various problems.


The method:


1.     Hold a handful of Bertih Beris in your right hand and fumigate by benzoic incense while reciting the below mantra.

2.      After that, the Pop Rice is thrown into a jar continue to recite the mantra.

3.      The patterns of Pop Rice that fell into the jar filled with water will be observed.


The Mantra:


“Al-salam'aleikum, mustia kembang,

 angkau 'ku angkat jadi wali akan saudara,

 kalau sunggoh 'kauyang berusul berasal

 deri dahulu sampei sakarang,

 aku tahu asal 'kau jadi:

 siti hawa asal 'kau jadi,

 angkau 'ku suroh, 'ku seraya,

 barang sa-bagei 'kau rupakan,

 didalam tanah yang endah,

 jangan 'kau mungkirkan janji atau satia"



Interpretation Of Results:


1.     If the water is vibrating vigorously in the water means bad omen.

2.     If the water only vibrates a little means good omen.

3.     If the Pop Rice is floating in a single file across sun light means fatility.

4.     If the Pop Rice is moving individually in the jar, means the working of black magic.

5.     If the Pop Rice sinks to the right of the jar, means the illness will recover soon.

6.     If the Pop Rice sinks to the left of the jar, means the illness will slow to recover.

7.     If the Pop Rice forms the pattern of a boat, means the spirit wanted a boat as its exchange.

8.     If the Pop Rice forms a circle, then the spirit wanted a feast as its exchange.



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