Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bomoh DIY: Grave Worship

Traditionally if a person is inspired to become a Bomoh or a shaman, he or she will either have to learn directly from another Bomoh; or this person can go to the grave of a deceased Bomoh to perform “Pemujaan Kubur” or literally speaking “grave worship”.


First below items need to be prepared:

1.      3 pieces of ivory palm fronds (coconut ivory) to be put on the grave.

2.      2 pieces of ivory palm fronds to be served as imaginary boat paddles.

3.      Some benzoic incense


This ritual is best to be performed on a Tuesday night.


The ritual:


1.      First the benzoic incense is burnt and the grave is fumigated thoroughly.

2.      Then the aspired Bomoh will take the incense and walk around the grave 3 times while calling the name of the deceased.

3.      After that the incensed is put on the head stone of the grave and below mantra is recited 3 times.

4.      This is followed by fumigating the two “boat paddles” and recite “Kur Allah” 7 times.

5.      Finally, the Bomoh will sit on the grave while holding the paddles and meditate.

6.      It is said that the surrounding scene will change into middle of a sea and at this time the Bomoh will do paddling action as if paddling a boat until he sees the spirit of the deceased. This is the time when this aspired Bomoh will make his or her request on whatever knowledge he or she wanted to learn.


The mantra:


"Hei angkau si 'anu'

tolong-lah aku.

aku bawakan kepada aulia Allah,

aku 'nak minta elmu sadikit'.




“Hey, you so-and-so,

Please help me.

I bring you to the saint of God,

I want to ask for some knowledge.”


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