Sunday, September 9, 2012

Teja Asmara Love Spell

This love spell belongs to one of the powerful Javanese love spell since the Dutch colonial period. At that time the Javanese youngsters use it to attract Caucasian virgins. It is said that whoever hit by this spell will be difficult to cure. So you are urged to exercise caution and not fool around. Very bad consequence will happen to the practitioner if the person is not sincere.

In order to master this spell, you must not sleep for one day and one night. Recite the below prayer for 6258 times:


Nurchaya nure Muhammad

Nurbetullah nure sang Rasulullah

Teja malaka pada kumelan ngampar

Suwaraku teka welas teka asih teka kedep teka lerep

Jabang bayine si.. (name)........(binti)...........(her mother's name )
Asih maring aku

Aja meneh kowe ora asiha maring aku

Wong Sabuwono wae asih karo aku

Banget asih saka kersaning Allah

Laillahaillallah Muhammadarrasullah."


  1. is this safe? i really wonder if this works also im a muslim what should i do to keep being in the safe zone while reciting the spell?

    1. Safety is one thing, effectiveness is another.

      Study the spell as a cultural heritage and pray to God; then you will be in a very safe zone.

      Best still, is not to practise this type of spell at all. Reading is OK.

  2. can i use it if i'm a non-muslim?

    1. No. The spell already indicated that it is only for muslim only.

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