Friday, September 7, 2012

Ilmu Pamungkas Buluh Perindu

This is the well known “killer love spell of yearning bamboo”. Amongst the benefits:


·         Increase your personal body charm

·         Increase your confident

·         Respect by others

·         The person you love will be attracted to you automatically

·         Increase the ability to sell

·         To make your boss like you

·         And many more


The prayer




 sijabang bayi obah polahmu manut karsaku

 trisno asihmu kantil marang aku

 sungkemo nyawamu marang nyawaku

 songko doyo kersane alloh kang ono ing buluh perindu

 ora pati-pati ucul kejobo songko niatku"




1.      Find yourself 9 types of seed oils and mix them in the same quantity.

2.      Recite Al-Fatihah 1000x to the oil mixture and blow at the oil.

3.      Get a bowl of water and put two pieces of “buluh perindu” into the water.

4.      Drop one drop of the empowered seed oil into the water.

5.      Recite “Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim” 880x and blow onto the water.

6.      Recite the above prayer for 71x and blow into the water.


Upon completion of the ritual, you have yourself a very powerful love potion.

Recite the above prayer 1x and apply some of the love potion onto your brows every time you want to attract, control or to persuade someone.
Burn two pieces of "Buluh Perindu" into ash and consume with rain water.

I am not a proponent of such love rituals, so try at your own risks.

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