Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Get Yourself Possession Guide

Do you realize that you can get yourself possessed by spirits without performing any conjuration rituals or taking part in a ghost hunting activities? Below is the how-to:


1.      If you are fond of collecting strange decorations such as: skulls, bones, coffins, snakes etc. The Tibetan ritual items and drawings are the best examples, though they are nice to look at, but having too many photos of skulls, bones and wrathful deities will attract negative energies to you. More so if you are not a tantric practitioner.

a.       Suggestion: Store your collections away if not in used.

2.      If you are one of the sexholic, having excessive masturbates couple with porn film addiction; then these excess sex energies will attract wandering spirits to you. Why not if there is a free energy offered every night.

a.       Suggestion: Get a social life and make some new friends.

3.      If you are those people who like to watch horror movies or fond playing horror games until early in the morning. In this case, may be you are attracting negative entities as they think you like them!

a.       Suggestion: Go out and exercise frequently.

4.      If you like to indulge yourself in online games for excessively long hours, especially until 3am or even throughout the night. Late sleep coupled with stressful body condition is a no-no for your health: physically and mentally. A weak body and mind will only attract spirit intrusion.

a.       Suggestion: Time yourself and go out for a walk.

5.      If you like to take photos in the dark then you are likely to snap photos of wandering souls. Once you have the spirits in your camera, they will follow you home. Snapping photos in the cemetery after dark is an open invitation for trouble.

a.       Suggestion: Take photos in daylight and at decent locations only.

6.      If you always get drunk until unconscious, then the spirit who feed on smell and energy will possess you likely as an unconscious body is just an open invitation to stay.

a.       Suggestion: Drink according to your capability, excessive drinking not only bad for your health; but also hurts your wallet. After all, the liquid will be discharged faster than you can pay your bill. 

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