Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Secrets Of Bunga Serai

I am going to tell you secrets that even many of the local folks are still ignorant about... These are the secrets of lemongrass flower.
Bunga serai or the flower of lemongrass is very popular amongst the Malay and Indonesian communities. Many people believe that when a lemongrass plant flowers, it is likely to find some precious stones under its roots. According to the folk lore, these precious stones are hid by jinn. However, according to experts in the field, not all lemongrass plant that flowers will have precious stones. Below is a simple ritual to check if a lemongrass plant has any precious stones underneath:


1.      Take a handful of soil near a lemongrass plant that is flowers and greet the watcher of the plant.

2.      Recite Al-Fatihah to Prophet SAW, Prophet Sulaiman, Prophet IIyas SAW and the watcher of the lemongrass plant.

3.      Perform Selawat to the Prophet SAW and ask the watcher of the lemongrass to give you a sign.

4.      Bring the soil back and put it under your pillow.

5.      Perform Solat Hajat and Solat Istikharah for 3 nights consecutively.

6.      If the God is willing, then you will be given signs and steps as how to proceed. Otherwise, then there is nothing underneath.


Besides the precious stones, lemongrass flower itself is believed to possess certain benefits:


·         To drive away evil spirits

·         To cure spirit possession

·         To cure black magic victim

·         To improve human relationships etc.


The power of lemongrass flower cannot be unleashed automatically and needs to be activated by the below ritual:


1.      Take three pieces of lemongrass flower.

2.      Recite “Bismillahirohmannirohim” (1x)

3.      Recite “Syahadat” (5x)

4.      Recite “Salawat Nabi” (101x)

5.      Recite “Istigfar” (33x)

6.      Recite “La qoula wala quwatta illa billahil aliyil adzim” (1x)

7.      Recite “Innahu min sulaiman wa’inahu bismillahirohmannirohim.” (333x)

8.      Perform a short prayer expressing your intention.

9.      Eat the lemongrass flower raw.


Now the power of the lemongrass flower is attuned to your aura and it is said that once attuned, you will have the same magical power as that of the lemongrass flower. Try to believe it J!


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