Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Roles & Responsibilities Of A Ghost

Beside scaring people, whisper a few words and making some noise; what else can a ghost do? Below are some of a ghost’s roles to the living mankind:


1.      Hagride

a.       This normally happen while a person is sleeping or lying flat on the bed. While this person is still conscious about the happenings in the surroundings; he/she cannot move his/her body.

b.      To do: call upon the angels to guard the four corners of your bed before sleeping.

2.      Ghostly pinch/scratch

a.       It is believed that a ghost can inflict injuries such as stasis or scratching marks on an unwary.

b.      To do: consult an expert.

3.      Roadblock

a.       A ghost is believed to create a roadblock to a person if this person lost his/her way in once familiar route; when he/she finally gets out from the block, this person is already lost for a few days.

b.      To do: call upon your guardian angel; use your index finger to draw a door in the air then say, “open sesame”.

4.      Ghost headwind/slap

a.       A person is said to be slapped by a ghost when a person’s jaw swayed to one side coupled with a numb face following a blow of strange wind.

b.      To do: Consult experts.

5.      Molested by a ghost

a.       If a person is touched or kissed while sleeping by an unseen force, then he or she is believed to be molested by a lustful spirit. Ordinary spirits are not interested in humankind.

b.      To do: Call upon your guardian angel.

6.      Blinded by ghost

a.       Have you any experiences that even thought the things you are looking for is right in front of you, you still search high and low for it; only to discover it sometime later.

b.      To do: burn some incense and relax.

7.      Possession

a.       Traditionally, if a ghost cannot possess a person; it is not called a ghost.

b.      To do: Call upon your guardian angel and seek help.

8.      Telling lies

a.       A ghost likes to tell lies.

b.      To do: Don’t believe what a ghost tells you.


The above just a limited list of what a ghost has to offer to the living, if you are inspired to become a conjuror; then better get used to some or all of the traits of a ghost J!

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