Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sorry … But U’re Banned

Many people wrote to me regarding seeking help, love or even want to learn magic. I have no issue in teaching but … many friends are by default barred from having any relationships with magical workings. I.e. magic will have no effects on them what so ever.


In Chinese Bazi School, we call this type of people the “魁罡” or “Kui Gang” type. Any people fortunately or unfortunately that falls under this group, will have very strong character that come very close to cruelty, logical, a decision maker and cleaver. This type of people is best suited to be in uniform, military or enforcement services. On the other hand, magical practices are non-logical and illusive, so if the “Kui Gang” people even though can humble themselves to learn; the spirits would not touch them even with a ten barge pole!


Another group of people fall into the “魁罡破” or “Broken Kui Gang”. This is the not so lucky group in that one may be poor or lonely; these types of people will create issues due to their extreme characters and hence have many problems in their lives. In one extreme these group of people will have monetary issues, in another extreme; problems with authority or their bosses.


So you see, even learning magic is not of anyone’s privilege. It is already destined when a person is born. Hence the saying:



“What is yours, it is yours:

What is not yours, do not force yourself”


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