Sunday, September 9, 2012

Charmed By Hair & … Body Dirt Too

I know you will love this type of charm magic for its simplicity and effectiveness. Many people dislike the long chanting and fasting in casting a standard love magic. Well below is a quick and simple way of casting yet another power love magic; no chanting or fasting required. Guarantee to be your favorite J.


To attract the attention of someone you like, do this:


1.      Pull some hair from the right big toe of your foot.

2.      Use the hair to collect a little body dirt from your navel.

3.      Put the hair and body dirt into the beverage of the person you want to attract.


Soon the person will fall in love with you… That is if he or she did not discover what you have done! Better choose drinks such as a mug of thick black coffee or hot coco to be on the safe side. Otherwise you will be seeing with the face of an ‘angry bird’… Ha ha ha…

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