Monday, September 3, 2012

Haunted Hotel Survival Guide

Believe it or not, many local folks believe that hotels are haunted in general. My experience is that if a hotel has operated for over 15 years and looked a little run down from outside is likely to be haunted. More so if there were incidents such as suicides, homicides, accidents or deaths during the operation of these hotels. If you are one of the timid ones, then your best bet to avoid an encounter with a ghost tenant is to stay in a new hotel. Well, naturally you have to dig harder into your pocket then ha ha ha!

Okay. If you are as timid as I am, here are some personal tips to have a safe stay if you are so lucky and unlucky to be in an haunted hotel suite:

  1. If possible, avoid stay at a suit that is situated at the end of a walkway.
  2. Before you enter your room, knock on the door and say to the thin air: "Sorry for bothering."
  3. Keep the toilet light on and remember to close the toilet door before you sleep.
  4. If you have a pair of flip flops or sandals, put the sandals under your bed but flip one of them upside down.
  5. If you are still afraid, use towels to cover any mirrors in the room.
  6. Avoid recite mantras or any psychic protection methods so far as possible as we are only staying temporarily. In local spiritual lore, we have no rights unless we are given explicit permission to do so. In another words, your ritual will be powerless.

The above methods are a collection of experiences from tour guides, frequent travellers and myself. Finally, may you have a 'safe' stay in your comming trips!


  1. "put the sandals under your bed but flip one of them upside down."

    Why is this done?

    1. According to old belief ... one side is to step firm on to the earth, the other side is to kick the ass of the spirit wanted to disturb us or do hag ride.