Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Computer Keyboard Fairy

This is an electronic version of traditional Ouija board spirit communication game fond by school children of modern age.


Basically this is a fairly simple game:


1.      Open up your MS Word or Notepad program.

2.      Type alphabets from A to Z and numbers 0 to 9 in a 20 x 20 rows.

3.      Once complete typing, the game can begin.

4.      First, chant: “I don’t want heaven, I don’t want earth; I want the keyboard fairy.” Repeatedly while using the mouse to move between the lines.

5.      When the feeling is right, click on one of the alphabets or numbers.

6.      Repeat until you have a full word or sentence.

7.      This game can be played by a person or two with one person chanting the mantra, and the other moving the mouse around.


I was told that some students even use this technique to spot potential examination questions and answers. As with any of the spirit communication methods, there are risks of spirit possessions; especially with the unwary young children. So, parents beware what your kids do in front of the PC.


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