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Genderuwo Conjuration Rituals

Genderuwo is believed originated from Persian myth. It is believed to be a type of Persian water spirits and it was said to be defeated by a Persian hero, Keresaspa.


In Java and in Malaysia, Genderuwos are very much feared of spirits. They are said to have tall physiques with thick hairs. Reputedly, a Genderuwo is half human and half jinni. This has some resemblance with Orang Bunian, but a Genderuwo is more violent than Orang Bunian.


Human’s sliver is said to be toxic to a Genderuwo. Some people believe spitting into the face of a Genderuwo will make it blind. If one touches his palate with his thumb and then touch a Genderuwo, the Genderuwo will become paralyzed.


Other than the Genderuwo with masters, there are wild Genderuwos and these groups of Genderuwos are much feared by the Javanese community. Local folks believe that this group of wild Genderuwos will take the forms of husbands of abandoned wives; and appear to the women around 12 midnight for sex. They will leave before dawn.


There are many rituals to call up a Genderuwo. I present two in this posting:


The Genderuwo Conjuration Ritual 1


Some folks call Genderuwo by the name Mbah Ireng. According to old folks, a person can establish a pact with a Genderuwo by preparing offerings such as: fried bertih, benzoic incense, roast chicken and tobacco.


1.      Go to an isolated place such as in the jungle after dark with the offerings.

2.      First burn some incense to attract the Genderuwo.

3.      Present all of the offerings on a mat.

4.      Sit still throughout the night and Genderuwos will approach you.

5.      Tell them your intention of having a pact.


The Genderuwo Conjuration Ritual 2


It is widely said that one of the method to call upon a Genderuwo is by barbecuing raven meat satay. It is said that ravens are favorite food of Genderuwo and also rare by the Genderuwos.


The one who is inspired to call up a Genderuwo must first learn how to make good raven satays:


1.      Once a person has successfully caught some ravens, the ravens must be slaughtered with very sharp knives. The reason is that a sharp knife will produce a very clean cut and faster in drawing out raven blood.

2.      Now the raven fathers must be removed real clean.

3.      Further to that, the raven meat is sliced and poke with bamboo sticks.

4.      Now the raven satays are ready to be barbecued.

5.      The best place for barbecuing the raven satays are open isolated areas such as a cemetery, forests, river banks or any open areas far away from general public.

6.      The best timing is after dark.

7.     When everything is ready, some Indian incense sticks are burnt and the stove for barbecuing the raven satays is heated.

8.      Recite the below mantra repeatedly until the Genderuwos come out from their hiding place.

9.     As more and more Genderuwos are gathered around your barbecued raven satays, the person must be diligent so that the Genderuwos do not steal your satays.

10.  The person must be clear in asking what you want and only pass out the satays to the Genderuwos after striking a deal. Otherwise the cunning Genderuwos will disappear themselves without giving him any answers right after consuming his raven satays.



Mantra to conjure Genderuwo


“Hong ilaheng, heh … heh si komo wurung, dulurku lenang kang arane gandarwo, siro metuwo, iki aku ono pesto anyate gagak kang eco, gondhone arum wangi sing turu wae podho tangi, gage teko-o, gage pangano, enggal-enggal yen ora teko aku dewe kerso, hayo teko, hayo teko, hayo teko.”


Repeat the mantra while barbecuing the raven, when you recite until “hayo teka” stamp your feet on to the ground for 3 times.

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