Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Illusive Oily Man (Orang Minyak)

Tracking the trails of Orang Minyak is interesting as there are many opinions of the origins of Orang Minyak:


·         Practitioner of Malay magical arts for the purpose to steal

·         Practitioner of Thai magic

·         Practitioner of yoga

·         Criminal in disguise


Terms & conditions of being an Orang Minyak:


·         Have a pact with the Devil

·         To rape 40 virgins, some say 99

·         Must be male (obviously)


The abilities of an Orang Minyak:


·         Able to enter through narrow seams and locked doors

·         Able to be invisible

·         Difficult to be caught by bare hands (slippery)


Mode of operations:


·         Always appear as black oily creature

·         Always work in dark

·         Usually shit after stealing or raping to prevent people from breaking his spell


The weakness of an Orang Minyak:


·        Can be killed if strike by the branch of Petai plant

·         If banana heart petals and bera taro leaves are sprinkled around a room, then the Orang Minyak will be trapped. At this point if a piece of batik cloth is used to cover this Orang Minyak to weaken him, and his thumbs are bitten, the Orang Minyak will die.

·         Orang Minyak is afraid of rains because water will make him visible to others.

·         He is also said to be afraid of mirrors.


Frankly, I don’t have too much information on this Orang Minyak; so my conclusion is that an Orang Minyak must be the working of a physical criminal covered himself in black oil; the magical aspects are non-existence. That is really a good thing as considering how much harm one person can do to our society. However, if you have any information of Orang Minyak and willing to share; then kindly let me know.

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