Monday, September 10, 2012

A Ritual For Life Sufficiency

I post the below ritual specific to people who find difficulty in getting enough life necessities, everything seems just not sufficient. Although there is income on and off, but it is just difficult to make ends meet. Or for people who always feel that they are always in bad luck and cannot see a bright future ahead; then do this ritual as a means to get out of your current situation. It is believed that this ritual is originated from Wali Songo long time ago.




·         Fast for 40 days consecutively. In old days, people who practised this ritual would fast in the jungle for 40 days consume only leaves and wild fruits.

·         During the fasting period, recite the below prayer in front of your house or where ever you are provided you must be under open sky.

·         The best time to recite the prayer is at 12 midnight.

·         Best to start the ritual on a Wednesday night.



The prayer:


Urubin dzatullaah metu murub,
Allah mobah jroning ambengan,
Allah mosik jroning ati,
Ya Allah kagungan rasa,
Rasa mitulungi, Rasa nyukupi, Rasa maringi, Ya rasaning Pangeran
Ya Rasul kang dadi wasilah lantaran mukti mulyo kecukupan,
Duh Pangeran kulo nyuwun gampil, gangsar pados sandhang, tedho, kebeneran kamulyan tansah lumintu kecukupan lestantun kersaning Allah.

Laa Ilaaha Illahhaah Muhammadur-rasulullah


For the people who have practised this ritual must not over sleep, try to do something useful no matter how small the matter is. Always keep busy such as clean your house or help others to do work.


The main requirement for the success of this ritual is that you must be diligent with your religious practices. This is to ensure that only the angels will come to your assist and not the jinn or devils.


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