Friday, September 14, 2012

Mambang Laut (Sea Haunters)

The Malay fishermen society in Northern Sumatera such as: Tanjungbalai, Batubara, Pagurawan, Pantai Cermin, Bedagai, Belawan or along the coastal areas of Eastern Langkat believe that the sea is controlled by magic powers. So they worship “Mambang Laut” or “Sea Haunter”.


The Mambang Laut controls the eight directions and they are known by various names:


1.      Mayang Mengurai

2.      Laksemana

3.      Mambang Tali Arus

4.      Mambang Jeruju

5.      Katimanah

6.      Panglima Merah

7.      Datuk Panglima Hitam

8.      Baburrahman di Baburrahim


The inland Malay society although not influenced by the sea customs, also believes in the existence of gnomes controlling water, earth and wind. Although such believes are prohibited by Islam, the beliefs in Haunter and Gnomes survived until today.

In Malay Peninsula, “Mambang Laut” is called “Hantu Laut”. Please see link:


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