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Wild Boar’s Chain (Rantai Babi)

"This sacred talisman of invulnerability, was found on the body of a religious teacher, Tengku at Cot Plieng. Now it is kept in Colonial Museum in Amsterdam. This talisman is called "Rante Bui" (rantai babi) by the Acheh. There appears to be a solidified bullet and worm at the Rantai Babi."
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from the book by DR. Ibrahim Alfian (UGM lecturers)

Concerning The Aceh War


"Amongst the most powerful Indonesian amulets considered is Rante Babi or Rante Bui, literarily “Wild Boar’s Chain”.


 The Rantai Babi is often found with wild boar that acted in solo in the jungle.


It is said that a type of iron growth on the nose of this wild boar that makes it invincible. Legend has it that this growth is due to the boar’s consumption of earthworm during feeding and the surviving worms consequently nested at the boar’s nose. Hence the production of substance called “Rantai Babi”.


The wild boar will release this “Rantai Babi” when it eats, and whoever finds this said “Rantai Babi” can call himself/herself lucky.”


(Snouck Hurgronje, The Achehnese, 11, pp. 37)


Outside of academic world, the Rantai Babi is believed to possess and to confer the power of invulnerability from sharp weapons or even fire arms.


Other parts of a wild boar deem useful:


·         Wood pieces that are found between the teeth of a wild boar are believed to confer the power of invulnerability.

·         Wild boar’s tooth can be used for invulnerability to sharp objects.


There are weaknesses of a Rantai Babi as well:


·         It can cause its owner to have hot temper especially during slightest confrontation.

·         It can be defeated by wooden beams.

·         It can cause its owner to suffer from skin itchiness.

·         Difficulties in earning a living.

·         Difficulties in find a soul mate.

·         Loss of power once its owner is lifted up above the ground.


I was told that in Dutch mysticism, the Rantai Babi is a satanic object. According to Bible, Jesus chased Demon Legion into a heard of pigs and consequently these pigs possess supernatural power.


The Rantai Babi is said to be worn before going to war. So it must be kept buried under the ground when not in used. It is also said that the Rantai Babi must be fed with moist mud and worms during certain occasions.


There is a ritual of using Rantai Babi as your ATM card:


·         Put the Rantai Babi into a sack.

·         Go to any bank at night and rub the sack against the bank’s wall.

·         Presto! You will have a sack full of cash.


The pre condition is of course, you can find yourself an authentic Rantai Babi J!!


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