Friday, September 21, 2012

Calling Kuntilanak From Afar

A Kuntilanak is the ghost of a woman die in giving birth. This is the Javanese version of Pontianak. As to which one is more fearsome, you tell me after trying out the below rituals J:


Below poem is said to be a mantra for conjuring a kuntilanak popularized by the film “Kuntilanak” star by Julia Estele. I am not going to elaborate in detail about the authenticity of this poem:


"lingsir wengi, sliramu tumeking sirno.

ojo tangi nggonmu guling.

awas jo ngetoro

aku lagi bang wingo wingo.

jin setan kang tak utusi

dadyo sebarang wojo lelayu sebet"


It can be translated roughly as below:


“During the night you start to shine.

Do not awaken from your slumber.

Be careful as not to show yourself.

I am nervous,

I order you the jinn and Satan,

Do whatever you will,

But do not bring about death.”


I do think this is a good pass time if you and your girlfriend have run out of ideas of what to do during your date and wanted some element of horror for cooling down during a summer night, then do the following:


·         Go to a known haunted place preferable a place such as cemetery with huge ancient trees.

·         The best timing is on a Tuesday or a Friday night; or on Halloween night.

·         You and your girl sing in turn the above poem.


I guarantee that you will have an unforgettable night! (At your own risks, of course)


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