Saturday, December 8, 2012

Defeating SEA Magic Invulnerabilities

Southeast Asia magic traditions are full of invulnerability spells. I was told by an old Malay history teacher when I was still schooling back then that the power of old Malay invulnerability was pretty impressive, until the government amended one of the sentencing clause to: “hang until death” from the original “sentence to gallows”.


Well, it was said that if a person being hang once for certain timing and he/she cannot die; that’s the God’s will and this person should be released. But not so to the Malay magic practitioners, they could be hanged for hours and still holding their breaths. As the story goes, since there were too many people freed from gallows, the government have to change the clause to ‘make sure’ the person is indeed dead. Theoretically speaking, if the person will not die, then he/she will be hanged until he/she really kicks the bucket!


Having said so, what is important now is: one has to know that the power of invulnerability only comes from two sides; Good and Evil. In Filipino magic it is Good Engkantos versus Diabolic Engkantos. While in other traditions: Balinese, Kejawen, Malay, Thai or Taoist; it is Good spirits and Evil Spirits.


Well, just to let you know that this invulnerability is not absolute. There are two ways to defeat this invulnerability:


·         For black magic practitioners, the method is just to raise the person above the ground. The reason is that most of their spirit alliances are from earth gnomes or elementals. So once they are in the air, their power source is cut off, hence they can easy be killed or hurt by sharp objects or incantations. As on how to lift the person above the ground, that remains to be a good problems to be solved J!

·         For white magic practitioners, there are many methods really: splash them with blood of black cat or black dog, cane them with consecrated cane etc. Since good spirits hated dirty stuffs, so if the person is dirty; the spirits will leave the person. So much of wanting to become good guy eh?

So my conclusion is that: regardless if a person is a good magic or black magic practitioner, no one is above the law.

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