Monday, December 24, 2012

Punishing Angels With God’s Arsenals

I supposed this is a joke question, but I will answer it any way:


“Can we punish angels with magic rituals?”


Well, you may be surprised that there are two ways used by Sufi masters to punish spirits of higher being using God’s arsenals:


·         Sword of God

·         Scourge of God


If a magician think that he/she is tormented by an angel (it is possible as angels are quite arrogant fellows), then the magician can be resort to one of the above method to retaliate. In fact, all spirits below the God’s throne can be punished the same way.


The Tantric rituals have many rituals to ‘treat’ disobedient gods or goddess:


·         Phurpa rituals with iron meteorite phurpa.

·         Tantric fire pujas


Whatever the case is, it is best to refrain from applying such overpowering rituals onto spirits of higher realms or else, the magician will not receive any helps from other good spirits in future.

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