Monday, December 3, 2012

Grandpa's Wish Fulfilling Tree Spell

A holy Bodhi Tree
When I was small, my grandparents used to bring me to worship a sacred tree during the first day of every Chinese New Year in Padang Rengas, a small town in Perak. At that time, the only transportation was by bicycle and the only road to the tree was a muddy path through the middle of a padi field. I can never forget the difficulty grandpa and grandma gone through just to get to the so called sacred tree. It was not only time consuming as a round trip would take a whole day; but also a risky business as the tree was growing in front of a small cave in the middle of a rocky mountain. The bicycles had to be parked at the foot of the mountain and then we would continue to hike to the tree through a small and winding mountain path. I later learnt that the tree was called a “wish fulfilling tree”. Years later when I wanted to revisit the area only to learn that the cave has collapsed due to the opening up of a cement quarry nearby.


My grandpa told me that the holy tree was known as a wish fulfilling tree because it had granted wishes to a person who is diagnostic with final stage of cancer to recover. And in another incident, the tree also said to make some people to have stricken luck in lotteries. So although the journey was difficult, many people were willing to endure the hardship of the journey just to make a wish.


The ritual was quite simple, a person only needs to write his or her wish on a piece of red or yellow cloth then tie the cloth onto one of the tree branch. If the wish is granted, then this person must come personally the following year to give offering to the tree as a gesture of appreciation; and perhaps to make a second wish.


I have noticed such ritual is also practiced in many places such as Hong Kong. Well, if there is no such holy tree in your vicinity, perhaps you can choose a giant tree and do the same ritual; cross your fingers and it would also work as well. Perhaps below link would be of useful in choosing an appropriate tree:


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