Monday, December 31, 2012

Please Don’t Pray Pray

While reading magic is fine if one is not really into magic. After all, the world of magic is very fascinating and triggers one’s imagination. Reading magic ritual is just as if reading a fiction, so no harm done.


But what happen if a novice tries ritual ASR for a few times, Thai Magic a few times, Taoist Magic a few times and so on? As the saying goes, “what you see may not be real, what is real you may not see”; what you don’t see in a conjuration doesn’t mean it is not around. Without proper dismissal, these spirits will attach to the person’s aura and feed on his or her aura.


Just imagine that if a person has tried multiple rituals, and then attach to him/she will be of multiple spirits; I would call this the United Nation of Spirits. These spirits will fight for limited resource, i.e. the life force of the person. When they fight, the person will feel tension or palpitation. And he/she wonders why and goes to see a doctor but the doctor only dismiss it as psychological. Gradually this person will feel tired, tension or lethargic. Later he/she may wonder why he/she is always accompanied with bad luck, bad human relationships etc. The serious ones may meet with accidents and sustain injuries.


The simplest way to prevent this is of course pray to God or higher beings for help to clean the parasites and not to engage magic rituals. It is not so bad if the problems are detected at their early stage and remedial actions are taken. Too often than not, people don’t realize their mishaps were caused by some seemingly innocent magic rituals. So be involved in magic, or don’t try at all.


  1. this is important info to be taken seriously

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. ... Unless u want to sing the song zombie zombie