Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is She A ‘Real’ Witch, Is She Not?

A witch's broom

I was told that there is a method to test if a person is indeed a ‘real’ or a ‘fake’ witch/warlock/sorcerer (for simplicity, I will call the group ‘witch’) or the like. By a ‘real’ witch I meant the witch that has gone through proper initiation, have magical power and familiar spirits.


Ok the litmus test is simple, invite the witch to your house but before that you have to do a simple set up. What you need to do is just to take an ordinary boom and lean it against your main door upside down.


After you have placed the broomstick at the door, recite this incantation three times in front of your patron saint, Jesus or the Virgin Mary.


“Kristo + Cruz + Cruz + Benedictus + Cruz + Impactus + Miserenobis + Natos”


Then give the suspect a call and invite him/her to come to your house. After that you just wait for the person to call on you.


Observe the behavior of the person when he/she is about to open your main door. If she much hesitation, as if faced blocked by some invisible force; or this person strolls to and fro in front of your house but reluctant to open your door and enter into your house, then old people say that this person is a ‘real’ witch.


When you felt that the witch has had enough and then let him/her in, well you have got to let people in since you have invited.


When the witch is already inside your house, ask someone to lean the broom upside down and recite the incantation again three times in front of the image of your patron saint, Jesus or the Virgin Mary.


Now you should see that after saying ‘goodbye’ to you, he/she strolls to and fro between you and the main door; whatever she does, she could not open the door.


On the other hand, if the person enters and leaves your house as if nothing happens, then your best bet is that he/she is a ‘fake’, learnt from book or New Age self proclaimed witch. But my take is, if this person is a real witch, then she will have sixth sense and know what you are doing, so he/she would probably ask you to open the door instead. In this case, you would have indirectly offended her, and be prepared to face the music. Conversely, if you have found out that the person is a ‘fake’ witch; it doesn’t make too much difference either as you would probably feel disgusted and don’t want to contact the person again. In either way, you lost a friend. So why bother to play such a senseless game?

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