Friday, December 7, 2012

To See Spirit In Fire & Water

Similiar to Thai magic, Filipino magic like to use candles; in another way.
The element of fire and water are two very powerful purification agents, there are traditionally used in spiritual purification rituals. The Filipino magic has a very indigenous method of finding which spirit is creating trouble to a person or a property.


First you must get a big bowl say around 8 to 10 inches in diameter; then fill it with plain water. Tap water is fine, but natural water such as rain water or clear water from rivers is the best. The next alternative is to get the bottled distilled water.


Ask the person whom you believed to be troubled by a spirit sit comfortably on a straight back chair and relax.


Light a piece of white candle of medium size and hold it with your right hand. Incline the candle so that the candle wax drops onto the surface of the water. Stare at the fire while reciting the below incantation:




Then say out your intention to see the culprit who is making the trouble.


Repeat the incantation until the surface of the water in the bowl is almost covered up by the wax droppings or until you have seen an image in the candle flame.


Now put your hands into the water to inspect the shape of the candle wax, it should give you the shape of the mischievous spirit that is making the trouble.


The next step is of course; take the appropriate actions to mitigate the situation.

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