Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making Of Chinese Kumantong

The Taoist Mao Shan has a method of creating a Kumantong sort of spirit. Below is how it is done:

 Find a piece of Willow and carve the wood into a figure of a kid, recite the below mantra:

取木咒 (Mantra for taking wood)

“神木靈靈, 取你為神,靈童聽法,速報吉兇,吾今祭練,聞法通靈,急急如律令。”


Write the above talismans while reciting the below mantra:


書符咒 (Mantra for writing talisman)




Recite the below mantra according to the days that each talisman belongs to for 49x:


追魂咒 (Mantra for calling soul 1)




催魄咒 (Mantra for calling soul 2)




After you have completed a complete cycle of the practice, around 60 days. You will be approached by a kid in your dream. Slowly, you may be told of the news you wanted to know by a whisper near your ear.



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