Friday, December 21, 2012

The End Of The World Magician

Apparently all of us survive the end of world crisis, if not; we are all spirits of another world.

Just as I am packing for holidays, a friend dropped me a question: “Are today’s magicians as good as the end of world hoax?”

Well, yes and no.


I think most of the magicians out there are as good as “the end of the world” hoax. Those magicians formed their own systems and gave their practices extremely grand names; but unknowingly, they looked just like bozos to the outside world. I don’t have to list down their names as this would invite confrontations. Almost systems have these kinds of people.


Magic really works. For those season magicians that has involved in magic for more than a decade will tell you that there are hidden values inside the magic rituals that we can harvest. Unfortunately, magical results cannot repeat themselves. Spirits are illusive and temperamental; they yield a set of different results than a magician desires.

The initial intention for this blog is to trigger your imagination and interest in researching into magic proper as an alchemical process to find the gold in it. You may be surprised to learn that I survive this far with the help of magic; but now, I actually would like to see new magicians taking over the job. Well, I can say a thousand words, if you don’t even take the first step; no one will be going very far. 


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  1. Salam aleykum
    I'm Form germany and 18 years old in 6 month i'll inshallah go to indonesian to learn magic but i dont know where to go exactly Sumatra or Aceh dont know where to find a gold teacher can u give some information ?
    I want to be a tool of Allah
    Barakallah vik
    Wa salam