Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Controlling Spiritual Animals (禁術)

The 12 zodiac animals that you can control
Hermetic Taoists are animists. They believe that animals in the deep jungles and mountainous ranges have great magical powers, if an ordinary person meets with these animals; he/she may be harmed unless this person has the know how to control them.


Once A Taoist brother of mine (I will call him ‘Chong’) went to visit a Taoist temple in Beijing, China a few years back and he found a place behind the temple very suitable for meditation; so after seeking the temple caretaker’s permission, he decided to have a short meditational retreat to absorb the chi energy around that area.


Not long into Chong’s meditation, suddenly there was a gust of strong wind and accompanied with that was a gigantic white snake with red eyes and barrel thick body charging towards him. In a state of panic, he started to scramble. After he has scrambled for about 50 meters or so, he suddenly realized something was not right; so he turn his head and only to find there was nothing behind him.


This unfortunate Chong has fallen sick for about 1 month after returning from his Beijing trip. On hearing the unfortunate incident of Chong, my master called us in and taught us the below method. According to the narration, this method was passed down by a meditation master called White Cloud.


According to my master that anyone who has got an opportunity to come face to face with these kinds of spiritual creatures, should take every opportunity to put them under control as these spiritual creatures will be of tremendous help in furthering the practice of Hermetic Taoism. Just to let you know that Hermetic Taoism is another branch of Taoist practice that only emphasize on meditation and energy works; quite different from the Ritual Taoism as we are familiar with.


First of all, one should be familiarized with the Chinese Zodiac signs and their locations in relation to the position of our left hand:

-          : Rat or the like

-          : Cow or the like

-          : Tiger or the like

-          : Rabbit or the like

-          : Dragon or the like

-          : Snake or the like

-          : Horse or the like

-          : Goat or the like

-          : Monkey or the like

-          : Chicken or the like

-          : Dog or the like

-          : Pig or the like


Oh yes, you will also need the controlling mantra: “Guruye Siddhi Hum!” You should recite the mantra at least 10 times in the morning facing East.

To use: you must press the correct position with your left thumb should you come across any of the 12 types of animals and followed by reciting: "Guruye Siddhi Hum!" once. If successful, the animal will be your protector spirit and will be most useful in protecting you within its power range.


The key to this ritual is that you must always remember the teaching of your guru. And for those nature lovers, perhaps the above ritual will be useful some day.


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