Monday, December 3, 2012

The Magic Of Saliva

According to old Malay folks, there are a few tips concerning the use of saliva as medicine. It is said that if a new born baby has a fever, then the mother or father must lick the crown of the baby, its palms and soles. The licking should start on the left side of the baby. If this is done, then the body temperature of the baby will gradually come down.


Besides that, saliva also always used to cure minor cut wounds. If a finger is accidently cut or bruised, then one should quickly put the finger into his/her mouth. However, if other part of the body is wounded, then one should wet one finger with his/her own saliva then recite Selawat 7x then apply the saliva onto the wound.


If a child still cannot speak at 3 years old, then the child’s tongue is pulled out and a ring is rubbed against the child’s tongue. The old folks say that this will stimulate the child’s saliva so that the saliva will be produced naturally and not hold stagnant in the mouth. Consequently the child will be able to speak fluently thereafter.


The most awkward tip to our modern ears is that if a boy has a small dick, his mother will be asked to such the boy’s dick once. According to the old belief, this is for stimulation only and not meant to do incest or erotic act. However awkward it sounds, the old people are quite confident that it is a very effective way to increase the size of the child's dick.


Many old folks also lick their own the painful part of their body because according to them, by doing so their pain will quick to recover. This is probably a copy from some animal behaviour that they observed such as cats and tigers.


Of course, if one is still following above tips now-a-days, then people will think that there is something wrong with this person because saliva may carry many bacteria and may cause disease to spread. Spitting is also considered an offensive act when it is done in front of general public. More so if we are to spit into the face or the body of another person. This type of action can cause conflicts because spitting is a sign of contempt and challenge to the person being spitted at.


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