Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beware Of Living Soul (生靈)

The belief of a “living soul” is originated from Japanese belief and hence taken up by other systems such as Taoist and Buddhist rituals. The equivalent of “living soul” is the Western “thought form” perhaps. Basically it means the soul of a living person attached to another person unconsciously. The person whose soul has attached to others will look weak, lethargic, in low spirit and in a dreamy state; there is nothing this person can do about as it is beyond his/her control.


The materialization of a “living soul” is said to cause by extreme hatred energy coupled with excessive concentration that caused the projection of a person’s soul to his/her target. This “living soul” has great power as its energy is continuously supplied by its main body. If unchecked, a “living soul” will cause sickness, accident or even death to the person it is attached to.


I have a real life example with me just for sharing purposes. Let’s say the hero of this story is ‘Mike’:


Mike was a department manager in a MNC company in Penang, Malaysia. He ruled in an autocratic manner and almost every one under him grumbles and cursed him directly or indirectly. Guessed Mike was absorbing the hatred energies projected by 200 people daily, within only 2 years of Mike’s office; he was diagnosed with double kidney failure. That would be very odd as Mike was only 45 years old, he was also a martial art exponent and in the best of his health before taking the office. Mike has no choice but to resign and last I heard was that the new kidney won’t last for 10 years! So Mike’s life is indeed numbered.


The prevention to be harmed by “living soul” is of course, not to treat people unfairly; but we will never know. So a Japanese belief calls for a Shinto remedy: Just draw the below talisman and write your name and birth date below it.

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