Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tapping The Power Of Solomon

Some friends of mine asked me about my Seal Of Solomon and Ring of Jaljalutiya; he is willing to pay USD2000 for each of it, but when I think of master Ishab’s face; I have to decline the offer. *SIGH*


So, many questions asked to me:


“How can we tap the power of Solomon or Prophet Sulaiman AS?”


Well, there are 3 stages in tackling this:


Stage 1:


Read and understand the Tanakh, Bible and Holy Quran. There is no point in jumping into the Solomon ritual without understanding these holy books.


Now understand “The Seal Of Saints”:


“Bismillah” is the grace of God to His prophets.


But “Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim” is the grace of God given to Prophet Sulaiman AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW only.


After you have done so, go to an open field sit quietly and say: “Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim” quietly in your heart.


I will guarantee that you will definitely feel the greatness and grace of God.


Stage 2:


Recite the Birhatiya Conjuration Oath in the morning and Jaljalutiya in the evening.


Understand that the keys:


·         “Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim” is the grace of god to Prophet Sulaiman AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW.

·         There is only one God and Muhammad is His messenger, the last prophet who will guide you in the judgment day. That is the “power of the God” and what God has decided.


The summary of the key is that what God gives, the God can take.


Stage 3:


Now you are ready to do the Solomon Magic proper. The key to unleash the Solomon power is to recite the prayer from beginning to the end and not treating the work as discrete pieces. The reason is that the whole of Solomon ritual describes the creation of the universe up to the creation of Temple Of Solomon. Finally, the Angel Metatron is summoned to guard the Temple. This is where the real magic can be done. When you have achieved this stage, you will definitely feel the power of God above you with the angels around you in bright white, green and golden lights.


And my friends, that was the teaching my master passed to me, and now I passed to you. I am just a lazy student copied direct from my note book.



  1. Thanks for sharing brother Liewsp.
    But some people shared that jaljalut recitation could bring negative consequencies or invite unwanted jinns.

    Secondly,if we recite Barhatiya oat and the jaljaluta conjuration,how many days should this processes last?Must we do it in an open field alone not in our room (incase someone is living in a flat apartment).

    3rd question:
    can we perform this amal as u procedural,even without knowing if the person doing the amal will conjure Solomonic entities in the future?I mean,we can just do it for future entities conjuration

    1. First. It will depend if you get the correct key or not.

      Secondly. This is a life long practice. At least you must a clean space. Open field meditation is for expert only.

      Third. Not that simple. There is a complete book for Solomonic conjuration.

  2. Thanks for response!
    Pls,can u share ur own Jaljaluta recitation with us?

    Then,what can u say about jaljalut amal?
    I sent u an emails two days ago,pls check ur inbox,both yahoo and gmail

  3. Hello,I am glad to hear about such a great evocation of berhatiya and jaljallut.But Dua jaljallut are of two types,jaljallut Kubrick and the sughra.Therefore,which of the jaljallut should be recited along with berhatiya?