Thursday, December 27, 2012

SEA Magic Face 2 Face

There are many magical systems in SEA regions, let us just meet face to face with them one by one before New Year:


Arabic/Islamic Magic

·         Arabic Magic is almost synonym to Islamic Magic now.

·         The typical Arabic magic that I think is relevant is the Solomon Magic although all other systems exist.

·         Most of the Saefi, Asma and Hizib in SEA region are originated from Middle East.

·         The Birhatiya Conjuration Oath and Jaljalutiya are two important texts influencing this system.

Dayak Magic

·         Dayak magic is mainly ancestor worship. It is famous of its love magic and the star oil.

·         It is said that Dayak Magic cannot cross oceans, so I supposed it only works on the Borneo Island; that is likely as most of the ingredients can only be found in Borneo and nowhere else.

Filipino Magic

·         Filipino magic is the only magic system that has western influenced although there are some people doing Malay Magic and Arabic Magic as well, especially towards the southern part.

Hindu Magic

·         The elements of Hindu magic dominate the magic circle of SEA. We can find traces of Hindu influence in Taoism, Balinese, Javanese, Malay and Thai systems.

Javanese Magic

·         The land of Java has give birth to most of magic spells within the SEA region. First there is the Asma Sungai Rajeh (ASR) said to be the top of the line, and this ASR spawn to more than 25 versions. Later some ingenious people developed the Asma Raja Di-Rajah (RDR) to replace ASR. This RDR also give birth to more than 10 versions. But some masters deny the existence of RDR. Many people tried RDR and it doesn’t work… And the story goes on and on. Referring to the story of the “final seeker”, I supposed you can decide if this system really works.

Balinese Magic

·         Basically, Balinese magic is a subset of Hindu Magic as the gods and goddesses are the same. The worship of Leak is no other than the worship of Goddess Durga.

Malay Magic

·         This system is almost extinct now due to government control. Although there are some traces left in Indonesia and Malaysia. As far as I know, there are still people practicing Santau in Perak and Selangor.

Thai Magic

·         Thai magic make use of mountainous spirits and this is the most comprehensive system preserved today. This is also the most commercialized system in the world as one amulet can fetch up to the price of a bungalow. Still many followers in Singapore and Malaysia. And rest of the world too.

Tibetan Magic

·         Heavily influence by Hinduism and Buddhism, but except for religious values; many of the rituals were simplified and hence lost the actual power.

Taoist Magic

·         Taoist magic in SEA has lost its significance and in declining state. Many of the so called Taoists are just ceremonial Taoists or even spirit mediums.

Western Magic

·         No significance presence in SEA as yet, at least to me.

New Age

·         We can see more and more of tarot card readings, pendulum, angelic magic and crystals used in SEA area at present days.


So, here we are most of the magic system in SEA. Hopefully future seekers can find out which systems still relevant years later. Just a comparison but don't be too serious folks!

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