Monday, December 3, 2012

Spirit Who Strangles: Dhamar Colok

Many people believe that “hantu cekik” is not a figment issue. It is caused by a type of black magic called “dhamar colok” that can turn a human figure into “hantu cekik” or “choking ghost”.


“hantu cekik” was said to have terrorized a few areas in the district of Demak, and later the story spread to a few areas in the Central Java. Some theories say that “hantu cekik” is actually half human half spiritual creature who likes to choke its victims and then consume the victims’ souls. The one who practises this type of magic is known as “dhamar colok”.



According to Ki Ageng Quthub Melati that a dhamar colok looks like an ordinary human, however there are tell tale signs:


·         A dhamar colok person looks like a fool, he/she like to pretend that he/she is crazy, his/her appearance is dirty and shabby and always with a grim face. The most noticeable part is that this person likes to sleep in the graveyard.

·         It is only when this person has changed into a dhamar colok, his/her face emits a sort of greenish light, his/her body becomes jet black stout. In this situation, he/she is very difficult to be caught or touch. One could only feel its presence.


It is reported that the story of “dhamar colok” is originated from “Buto Ijo”. People believe that Buto Ijo will grant those who devote themselves any wishes. In return the devotee must take the life of a human being. Please refer to the link:



The locals believe that a “dhamar colok” person only active at night. It is said that he/she has magical power to turn him/herself into green light to enter a house through window and locked doors. After entering the house, this “dhamar colok” will strangle its victim before devouring the victim’s soul. As for the few lucky survivors, prints of stranglehold are visible on their necks accompanied with fever, cold, blank face etc. If the victims are not cured, then they will die.


Local folks also device a very unique yet funny method to prevent the intrusion of “dhamar colok”:


·         This ritual must be performed completely naked.

·         Prepare some green peas, pepper, salt and soil and fry them dry (without oil) in an earth ware.

·         When the mixture is fried, quickly encircle your property one circle.


Why perform the ritual naked? Well, it is said that “dhamar colok” forbids seeing a naked person. Old folks also advice people to sleep on the floor because the earth has positive energy that will burn “dhamar colok”.

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