Sunday, December 16, 2012

Introduction To Ajian Pancasona

Below is the famous “Ajian Pancasona” or “Doa Tatu” from Sunda/Parahyangan:


" Bissmillahirohmanirrohim

Ali mallohu annahu La Illahaillah"

Ana teguh tan kenaning rusak

Daki ketemu daki

Kulit ketemu kulit

DAging ketemu daging

Balung ketemu balung

Lamad ketemu lamad

Sumsum ketemu sumsum

Getih ketemu getih

Maka nyambung, maka linta maka waras ku kersaning Allah"


There are two phases in the practice of Ajian Pancasona:


Phase One:


If the intention is only for treating bone fractures in person:


Perform ngalong fast for 7 hours and 7 nights with addition of 1 hour and 1 night pati geni.


For treating a bone fracture at a distance, for example if the person is in USA, then you will have to use Janur leaf plus ngalong fast for 7 hours and 7 nights.


The above prayer should be recited 7/21/41/99x depending on your ability. After that blow a breath of air onto your palm then rub your body entirely.


The above method is also useful in treating wounds by rubbing your hands on the wounded part after reciting the prayer for 3x. It is said that the wound will dry instantly and recover on performing a second fasting as above.


Phase Two:


If we continue to perform fasting for 3/7 consecutive rounds, then when our body is dismembered into 7 pieces, then all our body parts will be automatically combined after 7 days. Provided of course, all the body parts are buried together. The only way to kill a person with Ajian Pancasona is to separate his head from his body and bury them separately. 


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