Friday, December 7, 2012

A Filipino Candle Ritual

Candle magic is a very important part of Filipino magical system. The below candle ritual will allow you to command the spirits to assist you to achieve your goals. However these requests should not related to gaming:


Buy candle on Friday.


Please remember that white colour is for good and black colour for hexing. Perform the ritual at 6pm or when it gets dark after 6pm in the afternoon. You must whisper the below incantation to the candle three times and mention your desires:


For the Occupation: " domine quis habetabit en tabernaculo tuum"


For Love, " domine meo corpus nois exaltatum"


For Opponent: " exsurgat dios et desipentur enimici"


For Protection / Day treats: " dios in nomine tuum salvum mepac"


For Forgiveness: " miserere meo dios segunsu magnam"


Then whisper in the candle:


"Benedictionem sa ngalan ng Dios Ama at ng kanyang mga anghel na ikaw ay maging banal at ibigay ang aking hiling sa ngalan ng kabanal-banalang pangalan ni Adonay.(Amen)"


Light the candle.


Then write the spell in a piece of parchment paper then read seven (7) times: (while holding the candle. Right hand – for good magic, Left Hand – for evil magic)




Then mention the name …


* When the ritual is for do for you utter "I (name)" and add in to mention the request. (3x)


* When the ritual is for another person, then say his/her name and drone what would happen or requests for of him/her. (3x)


Then lay the paper on a plate and put the candle on it and let the candle burn out. Just beware to keep your ritual a secret or you will only trouble yourself by telling your action to others.


When the candle is completely burnt out, remove the debris and keep it in a small box with the paper sticking to it. Repeat the ritual on Friday only. You may discard the box once your requests are fulfilled.


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