Monday, December 24, 2012

Urban Legend (II): Magic Star Wars

My pal sent me this story. It is quite interesting and triggers imagination, as I can’t put it in any other better ways, here’s the original version. I guarantee that this will make your eyes wide open:

“Sometime in the early hours of the morning of 23rd December, while sleeping, I found myself out of body - 100% fully conscious - in a rather strangely disturbing astral environment. The area looked much like the Sahara desert with the exception being that the sky glowed with a reddish hue and the rocks seemed to glow as if made of lava. Yet, despite this, I had no sensation of heat or dread. It was just a feeling of impending visitation of some sort.

As I was looking around at the scenery, I felt urgency to side step my current location where I had been standing. The moment I did, the ground gave way to a pretty deep canyon and this continued until I found myself standing on an outcrop of stone surrounded on all sides by a deep gaping chasm. I knew instinctively what was going to happen next; and true to form, all 4 of the entities who had attacked me previously began to manifest fully around me. By this time, I was fully sentient in my body, being able to work in all 5 senses perfectly.  These beings were huge and nasty looking pieces of work. The smell of rotting flesh and sulfur was overwhelming. But.... for some reason, I was not afraid in the slightest. Actually, I found myself to be slightly irritated and annoyed; as you would when faced with noisy and delinquent children.


Before I could rationalize the event, I found myself chanting the Ayat-ul-kursi in a very authoritative manner. A circle of fire immediately erupted around me on that outcrop. Then taking up the soil in which I was standing and chanted over it 9 times the dua which Sheikh had taught me. With a final recitation I threw the soil over the circle onto the entities, turning round 360 degrees as I did so. As the thrown soil moved over the confines of the circle, it became a rain of fire and pelted the entities that seemed to be burnt by it.  They were screaming in pain and I found the noise actually very painful (!) to my astral ears. Again, without any rational volition, I took up a crystal pendant (which I use for dowsing) which I seemed to have hanging around my neck, put it in my hand and held it out towards 1 of the entities and recited a short prayer.


This screaming entity, who seemed to be the leader of the pack, was sucked through the circle and into the pendant with a bright flash of light. The other entities disappeared completely.  I think they must have fled, so I am not sure what happened to them.


There was another bright flash of light and I found myself awake in bed. It was 3:33am.

For some time I was lying in bed wondering what had happened. Then I felt my hands were holding something and I looked. It was the crystal pendant.  There was now a subtle reddish glow to it.  I could sense the entity and somehow I could also feel it is pain… “


I can only say “Phew!”


I am just glad that I don’t have to go through such dramatic incidents during my conjurations.


What say you my friends out there ;-)??


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