Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Dummy’s Guide To Toyol

Lately, I have received many e-mail requests on how to conjure and to catch a Toyol. Well, for the sake of those people who want to get things for ‘free’ and not with a ‘fee’, I purposely paid a visit to Gunung Kawi where it is famous for its money magic. There I met with the key keeper of the place and it was from him that I obtained much knowledge about Javanese money magic, especially concerning the knowledge of Toyol.


So what is a Toyol?


It is said that a Toyol is a type of spirit very effective in obtaining richness because Toyol has a tendency to steal money from others. The owner of the Toyol only needs to relax and prepare food stuffs for Toyol while waiting for the Toyol to come back with the load. This convenience comes with a price as a Toyol is said to be fed by blood:


·         The blood drawn from the breasts of the wife of a Toyol owner.

·         The blood drawn from the toe of the wife of a Toyol owner.


The tell tale sign of a Toyol owner is to observe the toes of the wife of a Toyol owner will look shrunk, pale and there are signs of injuries.


If there is a stranger walking to and fro in the vicinity of your house, then mock about his back. Usually a Toyol will complain to its owner and this person will turn his back frequently and hence we know this person has a Toyol with him/her.



How to get a Toyol?


There are 4 methods in getting a Toyol:


·         Buy a Toyol

o   There are an assortments of Toyols in the market, Arabic sytle, Indonesian style or Thai style

·         Conjure a Toyol (for experts)

o   One can get a Toyol in Masjidil Haram (Mekah) from a pole called “the pole of jinn”.

o   Wet and damp places

·         Toyol DIY (for you and me)

o   Get a Toyol yourself.

·         Through inheritance

o   Find out whoever what to let go of his/her family Toyol.


Buy a Toyol


It is a norm to get a pair of Toyols: a male and a female in a package. This is the Class 1 Toyol with prices fetch up to USD1000. Normally, a Toyol that is meant to be sold will be trained to steal first before passing down to the buyer.


Conjure a Toyol


A Toyol can be conjured through a conjuration ritual using below items:


·         Poniba Salwa Oil

·         Opium (candu)

·         Crabs (ketam)

·         Green peas

·         Fig tree (pokok ara)


The Poniba Salwa and opium are burnt at a watery location such as pickle area, streams, lake, and pond or abandoned well. It is commonly believe that these are places where Toyol without a master likes to stay. The mantra sound more or less like:


“My child, my child,

come my child … Arise…

Your father is waiting with

(whatever you have brought for Toyol)”


The above mantra should be recited repeatedly while burning Poniba Salwa oil and opium. The Toyol conjuror will sit in a meditative position while reciting mantra until one sees the figures of extremely filthy boys and girls playing with the crabs in front of the Toyol conjuror. This is the time for the conjuror to choose the suitable Toyols to be brought home. The method is to call the Toyols to the backside of the conjuror while holding the branch of a fig tree.


The Toyols will be cleaned and fed with blood drawn from the conjuror’s wife. A pact and training will be carried out on Friday Kliwon (Jumaat Kliwon). Offerings such as the below items must be prepared before releasing the Toyols out for the training process:


·         Tobacco

·         Wedang Asam

·         Bitter coffee

·         Sweet coffee

·         Milk

·         7 types of biscuits and cakes


A red candle must be lit to oversee the movement of the Toyol while it is performing its stealing work. The owner of a Toyol can observe from the movement of the candle flame if his/her Toyol is in danger. If the candle flame is in its stable state, then the Toyol is in safe condition.


Toyol DIY


The method is almost same as above. The difference is that if the Toyol is for your own use, then you must catch a toad at a water fall where its environment is cool during an eclipse. Skin the toad and throw away the meat but keep the skin and wind dry it.


After the toad skin is dried, make a small drum by tying the toad skin onto a coconut shell. Once this is done, the next step is to find out the place believe to have many Toyols. Now you must find a “ketam nipah” (nipah crab). It is believed that Toyols like to stay in mangrove swamp forest with many nipah palm trees; the nipah crab is one of Toyol’s play mates.


The nipah crab is tied by its legs around a small tree and it is let move around freely. Now the toad skin drum is played by hitting the toad skin with a fig tree branch according to “cak kecak bali” style while reciting the mantra:




“My child, my child,

come my child … Arise…

Your father is waiting with

(whatever you have brought for Toyol)”


Obtaining a Toyol through inheritance


A specific ritual will be carried out by the Toyol owner to transfer the ownership to a new owner. This process is normally done by the owner before he/she dies.


To catch a Toyol


It is said that before a Toyol enters a house, it like to play in front of the house before entering. A Toyol operates during a dark moon around 3am-5am but the timing is not absolute. The Toyol will only steal one note at a time, for example $10 note from a total of 10 pieces of $10 notes. The owner of the Toyol is said to present in front or in the vicinity of the target to guide the Toyol. In order to catch a Toyol:


·         Prepare a bucket (iron or plastic) and put 3 small crabs with legs tied and arranged in a triangular formation.

·         After that put a bell in the centre of the crabs.

·         Wait until you hear the sound of a bell.

·         Quickly rush to the bucket and say to the bucket, “If you want the crabs, return all my money!”

·         Otherwise close the bucket with a piece of wood and the Toyol will be trapped inside the bucket.

·         Wait until the owner appears to negotiate with you.


To prevent a Toyol


·         Spread a mixture of green peas, dried chilli and white beans around the periphery of your property. The purpose is to let a Toyol play with the items and forget about its job.

·         Put a piece of needle, fish hook, hairs or dried chilli near where you keep your money.

I hope with this further explanation of Toyol, this will help you to answer questions in your heart. Again, stealing is prohibited by religions and law.


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  1. How can I vanquish a Toyol? One has been stealing from someone I know for 10yrs, it steals out a locked safe. No one knows the combo or key and he tapes the door to see if someone opens it. Large amounts of money have been going missing for years

  2. Hi. how are you.
    im willing to take this thing on any cost. i want to study (toyol). its not the matter of money, money i got enough for me thanx to LORD. hope u understand what m talking about. because u are deeply in with these knowledge's and experiences. if possible contact with me ASAP. i shall very thank full to you. thanx a lot