Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Urban Legend (I): Prelude

This is a story from a friend, a personal experience:


“Since the Samhain (All Hallows Eve) ritual, I have been involved in a particularly nasty battle with 4 negative entities (I don’t like the word "demons" so I never use this term). I almost lost this fight and died. I was involved in an accident in which I was pushed down the flight of stairs in my home. Thanks to God, I survived, sustaining hairline fractures in my lower spinal vertebrae, broke my left leg, and got a few other bruises. In the hospital, during my convalescence, I encountered the relative of a fellow patient in the next bed. He introduced himself as an ordinary Muslim man from Turkey who had been prompted by God to talk to me and help me in my dire situation. This was my first introduction to Sufi Islam proper. He introduced me to the tools to tackle the fight myself and gave me his contact details to call him when I was discharged from the hospital.


Now, a couple of weeks ago, I was discharged and the day after I was sitting in my home with a room full of relatives who were visiting at the time. They had come to see how I was getting on. We were all sitting drinking juice and coffee in the Living Room. The corner of our living room contained a large Christmas tree with the expected Christmas presents layering the floor around it.  Starting from that region, poltergeist activity - as well as sighting of shadow entities - began to be witnessed by almost all of the people there. This increased alarmingly within a short space of time.


As these events were occurring, I implemented the instructions as given to me by my new found friend.  I recited a series of the Names of God in Arabic and 3 prayers/dua, in tandem with burning a paper talisman (with arabic prayers and numerological kamea) that he had constructed for me earlier.  I have never ever witnessed such immediate paranormal reaction as a result of invocation. The whole room exploded (figuratively speaking) in a bright flash of Light and within a few minutes, the paranormal activities stopped as suddenly as they had begun.


Now, I have had the ability to see spirits since I was a child, and I could see, hear and smell these beings - black silhouetted shadows with smell of sulphur, iron and rotting flesh. When the Light struck, these entities seemed to be sucked out at warp speed from the room; in fact - all the negative energies that were there in the home seemed to be sucked out.  Since that time, my whole home is now as serene as a church; indeed all who come to visit say that they feel like they have stepped into someplace that feels "sacred" and full of Love and Light. This is a massive change from how it has been all these years!!


This was my first true introduction to the power of the Divine Quranic verses. My friend helped me on the sole condition that I leave behind my old ways and become a Sufi Mureed; following solely in the dictates set by God alone. I now keep my promise to him.


I have left my old life and Traditional Witchcraft/Druidic and Ceremonial Magic ways and will soon take my shahada as a Muslim and take my oath as a Sufi Mureed of the Qadiri Order. Any "magic" that needs to be done, will be done in the Name of Allah alone and solely to help other beings.”

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