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A Sorcerer’s Good Friday Ritual

A Good Friday crucifixions in Philippines.
However, A sorcerer has a different method of celebration.

Good Friday has to be the most important day in Filipino Witchcraft and Sorcery and even healers and shamans value this day very much. A sorcerer will gather everything he/she needs such as to acquire new incantations and collects all things and creatures to perform rituals that the sorcerer must carry out to achieve great empowerment for the whole year. To some this is the time to acquire new incantation and ritual methods from the spiritual world. The supernatural will always surprise you with either superior or inferior incantations or rituals.

There are some basic rituals that a Filipino sorcerer must do on Good Friday:

First is to prepare sorcerer’s personal Lana (Oil):

What one needs is coconut milk which of course came from coconuts which will also be gathered in Good Friday. Petals of flowers which were offered to the personal altar but it would be best to acquire flowers from the “prusisyon” of Palm Sunday last year. Whatever the case is, flowers from sorcerer’s own house altar or from the church may also do. A piece of flower which was blessed this recent Palm Sunday. In addition the sorcerer must also get any sorts of coal. And lastly, the below incantation which you will whisper over your finished Lana:

Incantation for the oil:

Egosum benidictus in nomina Patris, et Filius et Spirito Sancti. Amen. Bona de Deus Omnipotens filius exsisto soper tuus , quod totus buenos incedo tuus , quare egosum beatus tuus quod consecro tuus , ut sententia soccorro procul es tendo.(1x)

followed by:

Benedicite Omnia Opera Domini Domino(3x)

Sa kapangyarihan ng Ama eto ay tuparin. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Amen.

The procedure for oil preparation:


Cook the Lana at 3pm, normally adding one coal in it when it’s almost clear. One’ll know it’s cooked when it’s already clear and a little brownish. Then the Lana is poured in a bottle (a bottle of mayonnaise is Ok). Then three small parts of flowers are cut from the sorcerer’s Palm Friday and add to Lana. Next are the petals, one should take about 7 petals. This is followed by whispering of the above incantation three times over the bottle of Lana, close it and place it in your altar.


Second are dolls: Black and white. It doesn’t matter how many but three to five of each colour will do. Make one which has no buttocks. What I mean by that is that the doll should look like its chest and legs are connected. Use new cloth, threads, and needles. The dolls should be made at 6pm onwards.

Third are needles/pins. 13 of them should be empowered by below incantation.


For the doll (needles):


Extabor, netabor, sitasibor, Adonay, on lazomen, mechor, asmoda, ascobac, comtac, erionas, propetas, alyomas, conamas, papieredos, osiandos, narbonidas, almay, cacay, coaqnay, equevat, damnat, vernas, compares, Siyes, gerades, serantes, copilades, Mga anghel ng panginoon, mga espirito ng mundo at mga engkanto ng lupa, kayo ay aking tinatawagan, bendicionem ang manika (karayom). Amen.


Fourth are the sorcerer must recite all the incantations that he/she has. He can rewrite the incantations on a book or a notebook the incantations that the sorcerer has and empower it. A sorcerer will recite first a certain incantations and then repeat all of the incantations 7 times at each hour starting at 6pm and ending at 12am.

Gayumas (love magic) and other rituals are also best done on Good Friday.

Remember that supernatural powers are very powerful during this day. And all rituals done as instructed will give very good effects. Buy also as much as candles as one can during Good Friday. Gather soil from the cemetery. Buy or make amulets. And if really possible, plant a Balate (Banyan) tree which one cut from a big one. It is highly recommended that everything that a sorcerer gets what he/she will need for his/her rituals acquired this Good Friday.

And last step to empower the dolls, needles and incantations is with a cup of blood. It is said that the blood of a black chicken or a black goat is the favourite of the spirits. The sorcerer must also light two candles as usual.

So now you are definitely well on your way to become a Filipino magician!


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