Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cured By A Cane

“Can an ordinary cane really heal?”


There were many instances ‘strange’ illnesses are cured with out of the ordinary method in traditional treatment. One of the examples is: canning. But before I continue, please don’t follow my example as there are techniques for this method and there should be no force applied plus this is with the chanting of mantras. I have no clue if it is the mantra that works, or it is indeed the cane that works; hence suffice for your reading pleasure.


Story 1:


My pal’s sister Mary had strained both of her feet and her heels swelled like two big buns. She visited a ‘Sinsei’, a TCM doctor and the doctor wrapped her heels with some herbs and cloth. Within 3 days, the swell at Mary’s heels increased up to such a standard that Mary could only walk 10 feet in 5 minutes.


After that Mary tried many doctors but of no avail. She also told me that she has spent thousands of dollars (MYR) for her nagging problem within 1 month’s time. As a last resort, Mary came to me (well, people always come to me as a last resort).


So I asked Mary to be seated and checked her ankles to ascertain there is no fracture. So after applying simple massaging technique to straighten the tendons, I took out my master’s cane and slowly hitting Mary’s sore heels. Mary screamed like hell but she persisted until the swell subsided and the pain has actually gone away.


Within 30 minutes or so, Mary can actually walk straight and never come back for a second treatment.


Story 2:


Jessy is a school teacher, her problem is that she found difficulties in raising her arms to write on white board. This was a problem as she needs to write on white boards to teach her students. Before she changes her profession as advised by her doctor; she came to me. As usual, I straightened her tendons and hit her with the cane and within 20 minutes she can move her arms without problems!


I can go on and on with other examples, but suffice with just two examples that our old traditional methods can be quite useful and need preserving.

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