Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Harnessing Power of Thunder Storms

It is normally forbidden to perform any Taoist magic rituals during a thunder storm. This ritual is an exception; the above mudra will enable a practitioner to absorb heat and light energies released by thunder and lightning. This is one of Taoist’s ways to increase a practitioner’s psychic power.


The method:


1.      During a thunder storm when you expect that there will be a lightning strike; prepare yourself by squatting down with your left foot and your right knee touching the ground.

2.      Tie the above mudra with both of your left and right hands. Recite the below mantra:

a.       東方請青雷,南方招赤雷,西方請白雷,北方招黑雷,中方請黃雷,用心雷公起,轟轟轟轟轟,奉請眾方五雷上吾身。

b.      (I summon the green thunder of the East, red thunder of the South, white thunder of the West, black thunder of the North, yellow thunder of the center. I raise the thunders full heartedly: hung, hung, hung, hung, hung; I invoke the five thunders from all directions to my body.)

3.      Imagine that you use your mouth to swallow the thunder and lightning energies into your stomach.

4.      To end, move the mudras in front of your mouth and suck in a mouthful of air with your mouth.


The above ritual is a supplementary ritual for increasing one’s psychic energy for various purposes. Performing any magic ritual during a thunder storm is dangerous, so the ritual is for your reading pleasure as initiation is needed.


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