Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dream Magic & Lucid Dreaming (魂會術)

Don't use smart phone, use dream magic!
Old folks say that when we are sleeping, our soul travel out of our body. At times, we dream of enjoying good times with our friends and relatives. Upon awakening from our dreams, sometimes we still can recall part of the events.


In old times there were no telecommunication gadgets as that of current day, so the only way to meet a person one desires is through the dream. It does not matter if the person is dead or alive; living near or far. Or even due to certain circumstances that even living close together a couple was not able to meet. So dreaming becomes the best communication media at the time.


Every mortal being will dream of one thing or another. But to the ordinary people, most dreams appear as ad hoc, discrete, unorganized and even illogical. In order to have lucid dreaming, one must call for specific dream induce techniques. I have compiled some of the available techniques from east and west; new and old:


·         Self-hypnosis:

o   10 minutes before one go to bed, take out the photo of the person you want to meet; then give suggestion: “I will meet so-and-so tonight”. Repeat the exercise 10~20 times.

·         Distance hypnosis:

o   One can perform a simple exercise by telling his/her friend when they want to meet in the dreams and perform the above self-hypnosis at the designated timing.

·         Moon dream ritual:

o   Put a bowl of water under full moon and mix this water with ink to write your intention for meeting a specific person on a piece of parchment paper. Then pluck a piece of twig that is pointing to southern direction. Put the twig and paper under your pillow. It is said that you will have a dream after 3 days’ time.

·         USA dream ritual:

o   It is said that at the beginning of May festival, if a girl wanted to meet her sweetheart; then she must pluck the first red flower she come across. After that, she must smell the flower 3 times then say the below incantation: “red flower, red flower; I want to meet him tonight!”

·         Stone mortar spirit ritual:

o   This is yet another dream magic for single ladies only. The method is to get a piece of mortar and draw eyes, nose, mouth and ears on one end; while the other end is wrapped with white cloth. When this is done, burn some incense and pray to the mortar: “Lady Mortar, please show me what I want to know!”

·         Chicken egg ritual:

o   This dream magic is for everyone. Get a chicken egg and draw eyes, nose, mouth and ears on the rounded end, and then plug the narrower end of the egg in to a bowl of raw rice. Put the bowl under your bed and pray: “Egg general, please show so-and-so my heart’s desire!” 

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