Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Filipino Protection Spell

There are so many types of potions for protection. There are spells which is used to protect a person from a witch, a supernatural being, hexes, malign magical creatures, unnatural misfortunes and demons.


The below spell is for general use and it is not the strongest:


Gather one clear small bottle, three guava leaves (just small leaves), coconut oil, salt, a coal, a small crucifix (small enough to fit inside the bottle) two candles, two white paper and a new black pen.


All of those should only be bought on Tuesday or Friday. If you bought all of it on Tuesday then you have to do the ritual on a Friday vice versa. On a Tuesday or Friday at 6pm or just after sunset, light the two candles and get all the materials needed and put it on the altar of your patron saint.


Although it is not really necessary, it is recommend setting up an altar for their patron saint and of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Now, put the three guava leaves (you can shred it), salt and coal inside the bottle then put coconut oil inside, filling half of the bottle.


After doing all of those, write your full name in capital letters on a 1/8 piece of paper. Then write these orasyons on the other 1/8 paper in the format I will indicate.







You will then put the two papers together in the manner that your name will be covered by the written orasyon when folded. Fold it three times and then insert it inside the bottle. Then recite the orasyon three times whispering it to the opening of the bottle. After that, put the crucifix inside the bottle and close it tightly. It should never be opened unless you will use the oil.


Just put it on your altar overnight and then you can take it the next morning and place it at the side of your main door or you can take it with you anywhere. If you feel that you are being supernaturally harmed then just shake the bottle and those who means you harm will leave you alone.




*The black pen cannot be used again in any other rituals

*Do this in discreet



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  1. what is the meaning of those orasyon Iresumad Iremurim Iremurum Rum? Just for additional information.