Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spirits Conjuration: Filipino Style

In Filipino magic, there are many incantations for dealing with spirits:


·         The below incantations are for spirits that are around and do not disturb you. For these spirits, recite the incantation suitable to your needs for three times and they will respond to your requests.

·         To call upon spirits to grant you wishes. It takes time as sometimes spirits are not near.

·         The incantation is also used to call, to expel and control celestial and infernal spirits.



Recite the below main prayer for controlling:


"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sta. Cruz, Espirito Niño, Cunctus Espiritus Umamo Keniac"


Add below incantations to your needs:


·         To obtain information

o   “ADULAL! ABULAL! LEBUSI! Arise and bring before me what I want to know!

·         To obtain fortune


·         To discover treasures





·         You will need a small wooden table.

·         Fill a glass with plain water.

·         Place a red cloth on a table, put the glass on the red cloth and then put some rice grain on the cloth.

·         Put a black cross in the glass.

·         You will also need a small magic knife.

·         After that you will need to cast a magic circle.

·         When the setup is ready, kneel in front of the table and then light a white candle then recite the above incantation three times and pray to God and angels. Followed by the reciting the below prayer three times:


"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sta. Cruz, Espirito Niño, Cunctus Mal Espiritus Absum! Absum! Absum! Sika nga aggulgulo Absum!"


·         Repeat the above process nine times while hold your magic knife with your right hand and gently striking the mouth of the glass.


The spirit may shake the table, or topple the glass, then recite the below incantation:


"Imperat Tibi Deus Pater + Imperat Tibi Deus Filius + Imperat Tibi Deus Espiritu Santo + Imperat Tibi Domini Criste, Eternum Dei Verbum Caro Factum Absum! Absum! Absum!"



If the water in the glass boils, that means there is a powerful demon around, remove the cross and recite the below incantation:


"Imperat Tibi Deus + Imperat Tibi Mahestas Domine Criste + Imperat Tibi Deus Pater + Imperat Tibi Deus Filius + Imperat Tibi Deus Espirito Santo + Imperat Tibi Sacramentum Crucis + Imperat Tibi Fides Sanctorum Apostolorum Petri Et Pauli, Et Ceterorum Sanctorum + Imperat Tibi Martyrum Sanguis + Imperat Tibi Contentia Confessorum + Imperat Tibi Pia Sanctorum Et Sanctarum Omnium Entercesio + Imperat Tibi Kristiano Fidei Misteriorum Virtus + Imperat Tibi Jesu Nazareno + Imperat Tibi Virgen Maria. Absum In Nomina Adonay. Amen"


You should continue to sound the glass with the magic knife while reciting the name of the Lord “Jesus”. Normally the demons will flee with the above “winning” prayer because they dislike hearing the prayer.


After the ritual, you should put the glass into a plastic bag and either throw it in a dustbin or bury into the ground far away from your house. 

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