Saturday, December 1, 2012

Taking Care Of Your “Barang”

I am sure many of you have one or two “barang” or small scared items such as Merah Delima, Besi Kuning, Mustika Pearls, Leklai, etc. You must also be given instructions as how to take care of your items by the seller. Okay in that case just keep doing what you do best then. I just want to share my side of the method of taking care of these “barang”:


·       Offer the “barang” honey. You must make sure that you must use natural honey. On the contrary to common belief that only leklai feeds on honey, honey actually bring out the natural color of the “barang”.

·       Occasionally put the “barang” on fresh flowers. This is especially true for pearls of centipede; the pearls will change color if you do this consistently.

·       Keep the “barang” with a few grains of raw rice. The rice serves as a present for the watcher of the “barang”.

·         Keep the “barang” with saffron. Saffron is also used to worship Buddha’s holy relics.


 If your “barang” is genuine, you will see your “barang” change in color over time. My guru told me that only inanimate objects do not change their color or their color fades over time. You will know it whether it is an authentic item, “filling” item or a fake with the above offering methods. But it would already be too late once you discovered that your “barang” is a fake. So below are some of my personal experiences before you make the purchase:


·         The gift from spiritual world is normally small; it is seldom of gigantic size.

·       A natural “barang” does not have sharp edges; it should not look as if it is dug out or chisel out from rocks.

·       An authentic natural “barang” should not be too shinnying and normally it only has only one predominant color.

·       Observe the texture of the “barang”, it should be smooth and continuous.

·       As it is. For example, if the name is “leklai” that means “flow metal”, so you should observe smooth flow patterns; or it is not called leklai.


The signs to observe after you have purchased the “barang”:


·       A natural “barang” comes with a spirit. Unfortunately you can only find out after the purchase: strange lights, sounds or shadows in the place where you keep them.

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