Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Deadly Dragon’s Claw (Cakar Nogo)

I am sure this spell is of favourite to the dragon lovers out there. The purpose of this practice is to harm your enemies’ souls in a fight. While externally the wounds don’t look so serious, but the soul of the enemies’ will be damaged and harmed in long run after being attacked by the Dragon’s Claw. It is said that once a soul gets damaged, it is extremely difficult to be healed.
There are two ways of going about this spell:
Method 1:
·         Fast for 40 days.
·         Upon waking up every morning, first thing to do is to recite the below mantra:”Allahuma cakar ngo nggrawut nyawamu” 3x.
·         After that leak all of your fingers starting with right hand thumb and end with left hand thumb.
·         We should always cut our nails as we are forbidden to keep long nails.
Method 2:
·         No need to fast.
·         Recite the mantra: “Allahuma cakar ngo nggrawut nyawamu” 3x before every meal.
·         One must eat with his/her bare fingers and after that this person must not wash his/her hands but to leak clean his/her fingers.
·         Do the exercise for 40 consecutive days.
·         Naturally one should not keep long fingers … obviously for hygiene purposes.
After the successful completion of your “Dragon’s Claws”, be very careful of what you hold or scratch; or your may inflict permanent damage to sensitive parts ;-)

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