Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Filipino Magic In A Nutshell

Basically it is said that Filipino magic spells are mostly imparted by spirits. Amongst many of the purposes of using magic is to:


·         Heal

·         Acquire herbal knowledge

·         Divination

·         Find lost person or objects

·         Procure love

·         Harm or kill enemy remotely

·         Conjuration and necromancy


None of the above magic will work without the companion spirits of course. As with all other magical systems in the world, not everyone can learn magic. Magic is for a selected few. Filipino magic is normally inherited from one generation to the next where the guardian spirits are also being inherited through the generations similar to the Saka in Malay magic.


These guardians are normally consulted and assist in a magic ritual. It is also said that some of the incantations called “orasyons” in the Philippines, also are taught by the spirits.


Below is a simple list of commonly known spells:


·         Kulam

o   The Filipino black art of revenge by the use of black dolls. Any person can be harmed by the use of dolls which are empowered by the spirits and by the orasyons.

o   Remember, harming somebody by the use of Kulam is only acceptable if the case is brutal. It might only go back to you or your family seven folds if you will only use it for fun.


·         Gayuma

o   Procurement of love by supernatural means. Gayuma can cause a person to love you. But Gayuma doesn't really cause love, it only causes infatuation and OBSESSION which in time shall fade all by itself.


·         Paktol

o   Commands the spirit of the owner of the skull to cause illness and death to a person.


·         Healing

o   Only supernatural illnesses can be healed. And also the reversal of Kulam.


·         Orasyons

o   Sacred incantations which are given by the spirits every Good Friday. This is very important because orasyons are used to empower the last 4 knowledge that were taught by the spirits.


Those are the main gifts that were taught by the spirits. Lesser knowledge of the supernatural sorcery is all about daily life and is most used by the help of an incantation.

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